Efron's not so Highschool Design Choices

(Photo: Splash News Online)

Uber-hottie Zac Efron has been doing a lot more than singing and playing with girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens…as of late. THE HSM heartthrob has been furniture shopping for his new digs.

A salesman from the fancy Blueprint furniture store in Los Angeles tells
RadarOnline.com that “Zac ordered over $8,000 dollars worth of furniture,
including two sectional couches.”

According to the salesguy, when it came time to deliver the furniture, Efron’s decorating guru cancelled the order explaining that the young star was “taking his style in a different direction.”

Maybe Vanessa didn’t like the fabric!

By the way, Zac is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live on April 11th, so we’ll get to check out his comedic chops.

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