Adnan Ghalib Case Going to District Attorney Next Week


Adnan Ghalib‘s legal woes are likely to only get worse , has learned exclusively. Sources close to the ongoing investigation of Britney Spears‘ ex boyfriend for felony assault with a deadly weapon, tell us, “It’s still an ongoing investigation, but it should be turned over to the District Attorney next week. We haven’t been able to contact Mr. Ghalib regarding the incident. It’s up to the District Attorney whether to reject, or accept the case, ask for more information, or refer to the City Attorney,” our law enforcement source tells us.

The incident was reported on February 11th, when a process server attempted to serve Adnan with legal papers regarding a restraining order filed against him by the Spears family. The process server said that Ghalib ran him over with his car, with the process server ending up on the hood of Ghalib’s hood. Ghalib, then fled the scene.

Our source tells us the process server had cuts and scratches, but didn’t require medical attention.

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