Travolta Tried To Revive Son

The Travolta vacation home on Grand Bahama

Heartbreaking new details have emerged concerning the death of John Travolta‘s son Jett. RADAR has learned exclusively that John pounded on his son’s chest and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in a desperate bid to save his life..

Then John and his wife Kelly rode in the ambulance this morning on Grand Bahama Island for 40 minutes to the hospital, only to have Jett pronounced dead on arrival..

Jett, 16, had a history of seizures and had apparently fallen in the bathroom and banged his head.

A highly placed source told RADAR that Kelly and John came running to save Jett after he was found unconscious on the floor by the caretaker at 10 a.m. “John tried everything to bring his boy back, ” one family friend told us. “But he was probably already dead. John and Kelly are devastated. John moaned: ‘This is the worst day of my life. No father should have to bury his son.”

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