Sundance Sightings

(Photo: Splash News Online)

Mike Tyson still has fans? The heavyweight boxer and fallen champ was at the Sundance Film Festival to promote Tyson, the biographical documentary about his life. Mike was walking up Park City’s Main St. when a woman approached the boxer as if he had healing powers and gushed, “Sir, may I please shake your hand?” Iron Mike, in his classic baby bruiser lisp, replied, “Sure.”

Walking a few yards behind Tyson was bundled up actress Emma Roberts who was strolling with a girlfriend who was shivering from the cold. Emma, who’s looking more and more like her famous aunt Julia Roberts, told her freezing friend, “I don’t find it cold at all.”

Mark Harmon turned heads at Sundance as he strolled down Main St. in Park City. A few older women ran up to the Navy NCIS star and asked for his autograph and Mark, taken aback, said, “I’m surprised anyone recognized me here!” Come on, Mark, you’re still a stud!

Rocker Jack White was spotted at Sundance truckin’ down the icy streets of Park City too. The White Stripes singer ducked into a store to warm up and check out the foot warmers that you put in your socks! Good idea Jack!

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