Senator Kennedy Update

(Photo: Splash News Online)

According to sources in Washington, there is no medical confirmation that what Senator Edward Kennedy suffered was a seizure at a D.C. luncheon. The diagnosis is attributed to Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah who was with Kennedy at the time, stayed with him until paramedics took him to the ambulance, and was then quoted as saying, “It looked like a seizure.”

Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut said that Kennedy was awake and said to Dodd, “I’ll be ok, I’ll see you later” as he was hoisted into the ambulance.

“The good news is he’s gonna be fine,” Dodd has been quoted as saying.

Contrary to previous reports, Senator Robert C. Byrd left the luncheon early, but that was to take care of business in his office.

The West Virginia senator “is currently in his own office and is doing fine, though he remains very concerned about his close friend, Ted Kennedy,” said his spokesperson Mark Ferrell.

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