Ladies Rumble On Rock Of Love

Rock of Love: Charm School Reunion judge Sharon Osbourne picked a fight with contestant Megan Hauserman that almost turned into an all-out brawl on Sunday night.

The 27 year-old model was talking about neutering her chihuahua Lilly when Sharon said: “I think you should join her and have that operation too. I do not think that you should be allowed to breed, my dear.”

Hauserman immediately responded by saying that the only thing Sharon has “managed to do as a celebrity is watch your husband’s brain dead career.”

Sharon, who is married to rocker Ozzy Osbourne, didn’t take kindly to that. She stood up coughing, went to get a drink, and then quickly poured the red beverage over Hauserman, who was immediately dragged away by security before she could pounce on the Sharon.

Sharon calmly concluded the spectacle by saying: “They can *bleep* with me. I don’t give a *bleep*. But not my family.”

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