Paris Gets Repo'ed

We are so there when this one hits the Blu-ray shelves next Tuesday.

Paris Hilton (playing a character called Amber Sweet), Anthony Head (of TV’s Buffy), and the original leading lady of Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera Sarah Brightman star in the cult smash Repo: the Genetic Opera which was barely released to theaters last year.

Here’s why: it’s terrible. Yet, of the so-bad-it’s-good variety.

It’s set in the future after an epidemic causes widespread illness. A biotech firm sells replacement organs on an installment basis, like a car; if you fail to pay, they come and take it back.

Here’s a sample of the lyrics sung by one of the Repo Men:

“90 days delinquent gets ya’ repo treatment! I’m the masked horror on your street corner! Make your mama mourn ya! I’m the Night Surgeon!”

We dare you not to rent this one!

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