New Year Boosts Box Office

Even without tallying the coin collected on New Year’s Day, the movie box office was sizzling last week.

In just a week of release, Marley & Me has earned $72.5 million, keeping the Jennifer Aniston starrer well atop The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which stars her ex Brad Pitt. In a week of release the film has taken in a solid $52.7 million.

Adam Sandler‘s Bedtime Stories remains in second place with $56.7 million.

Recovering from bad pre-release buzz and reviews that slammed star Tom Cruise, Valkyrie has managed to pull in a respectable $41 million.

In fact, the only stinker among the major releases this season has been The Spirit marking the directing debut of comic book guy Frank Miller. The superhero flick has collected just $12.5 million.

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