Mortuary Owner Tells Of Plans For Jett Travolta's Body

Keith McSweeney, owner of Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium in The Bahamas, told RADAR exclusively,

“Right now, Jett‘s body is in the morgue at the Rand Memorial Hospital.

“We’re expected to take possession of his body after the autopsy is performed there (at the hospital).

“The autopsy is scheduled to be performed on Monday morning.

“We expect the body to be turned over to us sometime Monday afternoon, Jan. 5.

“After that, we will embalm the body and there will be a private family viewing.”

That will be the first time the shattered Travolta family will have seen the body since Jett’s death.

Added McSweeney: “I don’t know exactly what time that will be yet because those details are still being worked out with Michael Ossi, the Travolta family attorney.

“I believe Mr. Ossi will be holding a press conference on Monday morning where he may disclose those details.

“After that, the body will then be shipped back to Ocala, FL.”

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