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Mall Cop Arrests Box Office


Proving that dumb still sells, Paul Blart: Mall Cop had a blowout opening weekend, pulling in a huge $33.8 million.

Clint Eastwood‘s Gran Torino came in second with $22.2 million for a total of $73.2 million after just its second week in wide release.

And proving that the staple of 1980s cinema, the slasher movie, still has life (and death) in it, My Bloody Valentine 3-D opened with $21.9 million — way more than expected.

Filling the next slot was another big opening, literally and figuratively, as Notorious about rapper Notorious B.I.G., earned $21.5 million. On a per-screen basis, that was actually the weekend’s winner since it was playing in half the theaters that were showing Mall Cop.

Finally, Hotel for Dogs surprised everyone as it obviously grabbed some Marley & Me goodwill and earned $17.7 million.

Speaking of that Jennifer Aniston flick, Marley & Me has now earned $132.7 million. Her ex, Brad Pitt, has taken in $102.6 million with his Curious Case of Benjamin Button.