Madonna Horsing Around In Palm Beach?

Madonna rides a horse through Manhattan in October 2005.

It appears Madonna will be joining the month-long Wellington Winter Equestrian Festival in Palm Beach, Fla.

The pop pin-up had 2 of her horses flown in – Boris and Silver Lining.

But don’t expect Madonna to compete against the world’s top horseback riders. She will just be training with her riding coach and catching some of the jumping contests at the event.

“I’m checking on it right now, but it doesn’t sound like a joke,” said Festival favorite Mason Phelps. “Any celebrity who helps bring attention to the sport is very healthy for the horse show. With the way the economy has gone, we’ll take a shot in the arm any way we can get it.”

Despite cracking 3 ribs, and breaking her hand and collarbone when she fell off in 2005, Madonna’s 27-year-old riding coach Daisy Trayford contends, “[Madonna’s] a dream pupil. She’s very driven, listens to what you say and just wants to do it and improve. You can always get somewhere with someone like that.”

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