John Travolta and Kelly Preston are in seclusion and have not left their condo since the tragic death of their son Jett yesterday morning, Michael Ossi told RADAR in an exclusive interview this evening.

Ossi is Travolta’s lawyer and one of 49 friends that John and his family were hosting for New Year’s at Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island. Ossi said “Yesterday was the worst day in John’s life. Today’s the second worst.”

And while everyone wished the autopsy could have been performed this weekend to find the true cause of death, Ossi said “no-one’s complaining. The local authorities are doing their best.

“The autopsy will take place Monday morning and after that we’ll all be leaving.”

In the meanwhile John and Kelly are in their condo “in deep mourning, grief stricken, taking visits from their friends,” Ossi says.

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