Jodie Sweetin Has Cocaine Relapse

According to a co-worker on the set of her new movie Port City, actress Jodie Sweetin has been using drugs…again.

“I watched Jodie Sweetin snort cocaine,” said the eyewitness who is quoted in this week’s National Enquirer.

The 27 year-old Full House star, who went into rehab for her methamphetamine and alcohol addictions in 2005, may have endangered her custody rights over 9 month-old daughter Zoie, whom she shares with estranged husband Cody Herpin.

The eyewitness — who has passed a lie-detector test — says that in late August Sweetin did cocaine in a trailer shared by fellow actors on the Port City set in Wilmington, N.C.

“The door of the trailer was locked,” said the source. “We knocked on the door for a few minutes, and finally some guy let us in. Jodie was sitting on the couch.

“After a few minutes of conversation, Jodie announced: ‘I have a surprise for you.’ She led us to the back of the trailer where there was a white paper plate with a small pile of white powder and a rolled-up $20 bill beside it.”

The source continued:

“Jodie said she’d just bought about $50 worth of cocaine from some local guys who’d been hanging out in the seedy neighborhood where we’d been filming. We each took turns cutting a line of coke and then snorting it. I witnessed Jodie snort at least two lines of cocaine.”

Sweetin and Cody will be in court on Februrary 9.

“If Jody is using drugs I want full custody of Zoie,” Cody said. “I’m concerned for our daughter’s well-being. Jodie cannot be trusted to make good decisions when she’s drunk or high.”

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