Inside Jett Travolta Memorial

Tommy Davis, a spokesperson for The Church of Scientology International in Los Angeles, has given outsiders a glimpse at what took place at yesterday’s memorial service for 16 year-old Jett Travolta.

He says that because Scientologists believe that each individual has an immortal spirit, every funeral is a “celebration of their life, an acknowledgment of their life, and it’s a way to wish them well in their future life.

“The word reincarnation is a term often used loosely,” Davis added. “We call it ‘past lives’ in the sense that one is living lifetime after lifetime.”

Which means the emphasis was on joyful tears and happy reflection.

Despite the presence of media outside the gate of the Jumbolair Aviation Estates where Travolta has an $8 million estate, it is unclear who attended the service. The home borders on a landing strip where it was impossible to see who came or went.

However, caterers and florists came and went all day, while locals stopped to leave flowers and notes by the main gate. The community also took note of the star’s loss. At the Saddle Rock Cafe, where Travolta enjoys the western omelets, there was a sign: “Condolences to John and Kelly.”

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