'Hudson Miracle' Plane Update


RadarOnline.com has learned from a reporter on site that the Army Corps of Engineers, using sonar, have located the hitherto missing left engine of Flight 1549. It has been located intact.

Divers will be going into the river at 3PM to see about hauling it up and to recover any other bits and pieces that came free when the aircraft hit the water. They will not only be fighting silt in the darkness but ice flows on the surface.

In addition to the engine, workers have recovered 35 flotation seat cushions, 12 life jackets, 15 pieces of luggage, 2 briefcases, 11 purses, 15 suit jackets and shirts, 4 shoes, and a pair of hats.

Meanwhile, pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger did indeed attend Barack Obama‘s inauguration yesterday. Later, he and his wife and their 2 children dined — where else? — at Hudson Restaurant.

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