Game Ca$h

You know how we’ve been telling you how many millions of dollars movies make each weekend? Well, try these figures on for size:

Consumers spent $5.29 billion on videogaming in December. That’s nearly 20% higher than last year. We’ve already reported that Nintendo sold a bunch of consoles over the holidays, but chow down on the breakdown: they moved 3.04 million DS systems in December and 2.15 million Wii. That’s just the hardware!

The Microsoft Xbox 360 sold 1.44 million consoles, twice as many as PS3. The handy PSP sold 1.02 million and the still-hanging-in-there PS 2 sold 410,000 consoles.

Of course, Sony gets an added financial bump from each PS3 sale: the machine also plays Blu-ray discs, which boosts the sales of their homevideo unit.

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