Flashpoint Star Enrico Colantoni One on One


Enrico Colantoni, is star of the critically acclaimed CBS series, Flashpoint. Colantoni plays Sgt. Gregory Parker of the elite member of the SRU, inspired by Toronto’s Emergency Task Force. The team responds to hostage situation’s, gang busts, and their expertise is getting inside a suspect’s mind to try and save lives.

“My brother was a cop, and I have so much more respect and insight about what he went through. My character is the leader in rank and responsibility, and it functions more like a military platoon and he treats everyone with respect because he especially because he is the negotiator…” Colantoni tells RadarOnline.com.

Enrico went through extensive training for the role, including tactical training, talking to former hostage negotiators. “What was amazing was how candid and laid back these negotiators were. Here they were talking to someone that had a gun to someone’s head and they are saying, ‘How are you doing, how is it going’. They have to maintain an air of calm cool and in control.”

Shooting for the show takes place in Toronto, but the Canadian born actor’s family is in Los Angeles. “Thank heavens for technology because I can skype with my kids!”

Asked about the threat of the looming actor’s strike, Enrico remains optimistic that a strike can be averted.

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