Fallon Gears Up For Late Night

(Photo: Splash News Online)

With Conan O’Brien set to climb the late night ladder, Jimmy Fallon is – giggle, giggle – like, totally excited to host Late Night.

“I’m gearing up for the show,” Fallon recently told TV Guide. “We’re going to be a pretty tech-heavy show… I’m into this stuff.”

With his Late Night debut a month away, Fallon is busy testing material via a video blog he posts on Facebook and the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon site.

Webcam comic?

“You get to meet these writers. You get to see our new offices, moving things in. It’s a lot of fun.”

Yes, the very definition of it.

“I’m going to wait until I go on air to call in favors… I’ve got a lot of friends.”

Better get on the horn, Fallon.

Fallon will replace Conan on March 2.

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