Katona's Husband Rejects Lovechild

The husband of Atomic Kitten singer and TV star Kerry Katona refuses to have anything to do with the 3-year-old son he unknowingly fathered with a previous girlfriend.

Mark Croft, 37, had broken up with the boy’s mother right before he began dating the 28 year-old celeb. Croft recently confessed that he wanted no part of his son’s life in the documentary Kerry Katona: 12 Months of Mayhem.

The show includes footage of Croft viewing the results of the DNA test proving he’s the father.

“Sounds nasty but I’ve got my family,” explained Croft in the film. “I don’t want anything to do with him, though financially I’ll do as best as I can to help out. It’s not up for discussion.”

Katona is supportive of her husband’s choice.

“It bothers me because I have to defend Mark all the time,” she said. “I know he’s
not that sort of person at all, but it p***** me off that the press and the public have this image of him.”

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