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Dark Knight Blitz


Try to process these figures, if you can: on its first day of release, 3 million DVD copies of The Dark Knight were sold.

That’s just on Tuesday, and it doesn’t count the record-setting number of downloads preordered through iTunes. If we figure an average of $20 a disc, that’s $60 million on day one.

Okay, it’s not a record. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire unloaded 5 million copies its first day two years ago, and even that’s not a record: Finding Nemo sold 8 million in 2003. But keep in mind that there weren’t as many delivery systems at the time, and the nation wasn’t in the economic dumps.

For fans of Blu-ray HD discs, The Dark Knight sold more in a day than the previous number one Iron Man sold in a week. Over 1 million Blu-ray bat-discs will have been sold by the end of the week.