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Are You A Millennial?

That’s the term being applied to people age 14-25. They are the up-and-comers, pushing Generation X (26-42) into middle age and the Baby Boomers (43-61) into old age!

What’s interesting about this group is that they’re watching less TV than their predecessors. They look at an actual television screen only 10.5 hours a week, according to a new study, as opposed to the 15.1 hours logged by Generation X and the 19.2 hours watched by boomers.

Where do the Millennials spend most of their media-oriented time? Online or playing videogames.

“They’re plugged to the interactive, social venues,” child psychologist Sarah Lynch told RADAR. “It’s much less passive than the older generations are accustomed to. They are also adapting to cell phone technology at a much quicker rate. We are truly becoming a world-hive. What one person knows this second, another 2 or 3 know a few seconds later, and that grows exponentially.”

Like the Borg. We guess that’s a good thing.