Tim Robbins Almost Robbed of His Vote


Actor and liberal activist Tim Robbins flipped out when informed that he could only vote by provisional ballot on Tuesday.

According to the officials at the New York polling location, the Shawshank Redemption star’s name was not on the register.

“The poll workers here know me,” Robbins said. “I’ve been voting here 15 years.”

After one of the poll workers threatened to call over a police officer if Robbins didn’t move, the actor responded, “Is this some kind of intimidation? I’m taking this as intimidation.” He also stated that he was prepared to be arrested, if necessary.

In the end, Robbins went to the Board of Elections’ Manhattan office, where officials verified that he was still properly registered to vote.

“I have the time and luxury to do this,” he said of the mess-up. “If this is a systemic thing, what does that mean for the country?”

Well it could mean that some people see conspiracy theories everywhere. Just a theory.

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