The Nutty Drake

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(Photo: Splash News Online)

Drake Bell, the star of Nickelodeon’s late, lamented Drake & Josh, is beyond proud of his newest film: a direct-to-DVD, animated sequel to the 1963 comedy classic The Nutty Professor.

That’s the original Jerry Lewis film, not the Eddie Murphy remake.

“I told my agent to get it, especially when they told me that Jerry Lewis was going to be in it,” Drake says. “That’s when I knew they weren’t going to butcher it.”

Released today, the cartoon features Lewis as the nerdy Julius Kelp and the slick Buddy Love he turns into, thanks to a potion of his own invention. Drake stars as Kelp’s brilliant and equally geeky grandson Harold.

Not only did Drake have a blast with Jerry, “it turns out, his daughter is a big fan of Drake & Josh.”

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