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The Bonaduce's Marriage Officially Over


Once and forever child star Danny Bonaduce and his longtime spouse Gretchen Bonaduce are finally and officially divorced.

Notice of entry of judgment was finally recorded in California court. Gretchen had served Danny with divorce papers citing “irreconcilable differences” and Danny has finally agreed.

But that’s not all he’s agreed to.

According to court documents filed yesterday, not only does Danny lose the house(s) and everything in them but he must continue to pay all mortgages. And he doesn’t even get to keep the ’08 Ford pickup.

Bank accounts? Now cut in half. Creative control regarding their projects? None.

Gretchen even gets 1/2 of his Amex frequent flier miles.

“Anything that had to do with Danny Bonaduce, before or now, one way or another, is now Gretchen’s,” a Hollywood insider recently told RADAR.

This “spotlight couple” was married in 1990, and has been publicly fighting for years, as regularly acknowledged by Danny on his morning radio show for LA’s ‘STAR 98.7′ from which he was fired in 2005.

That same year, viewers finally got a taste of their manic marriage on the VH1 reality show Breaking Bonaduce.

“I had a really bad drug habit,” Bonaduce once told press. “I was so addicted to smoking crack that I could no longer wait for the pipe to cool down. So I had giant burns on my fingers and lips.”

The Bonaduce’s have two “minor children”; Isabella, who turns 14 later this month, and 6-year old Jean-Michael.