Stooges Mania! The (Nyuk Nyuk) Dream Team


Sure, it’s an historic day and we’ve got a new president. But let’s get down to a theme that unifies all people (well, actually just all males probably): The Three Stooges are coming back!

The Farrelly Brothers, whose last big hit was There’s Something About Mary in 1998, are hoping to make a comeback via the Stooges..

The producer-director team are making a new Three Stooges film but have just one problem: the original Moe, Larry, and Curly are no longer with us. So who did they approach to star in the new slapstick comedy?

“We went to Clooney,” Peter Farrelly says, and were turned down. “Russell Crowe passed. Benicio was interested. Jeff Daniels was interested.” They approached Larry David for Larry and that was a no-go. Sean Penn is said to be interested in that part.

So they still have just a script with no stars, and their next movie is Walter the Farting Dog starring the Jonas Brothers.

Hmmmm. Can the Jonas boys take a pratfall?

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