'Nerdcore' Rappers Let Loose

“Nerdcore” is the latest musical blend of hardcore rap sung “by nerds, about nerds.”

The man behind the genre is San Francisco-based rapper MC Frontalot, “who mixes tight beats with lyrics about the Internet, wookiees, and +3 2-handed broadswords.”

“Frontalot raps about all the things I care about,” boasts one male fan. “Like ‘Magic the Gathering,’ and internet porn addiction.”

Stand-up comedienne Negin Farsad recently documented MC on tour with his debut album, Nerdcore Rising, in a documentary of the same name. She followed Frontalot and his band across the US singing songs like I Hate Your Blog to sold out venues.

And yes, even nerd music pioneer “Weird Al” Yankovic makes a cameo.

Like you had to ask.

See for yourself at: http://www.nerdcorerisingthemovie.com/

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