Montag Sister Shocked

It turns out that Holly Montag was completely in the dark about her sister Heidi‘s marriage to Spencer Pratt. She had ‘no idea’ that they were eloping (which is the point of elopement).

“I am a little bit hurt,” Holly tells MTV’s Hills After Show. “I want to hear what really happened. But whatever Heidi chooses, I support her.”

Furthermore, none of the Montag family knew of Heidi’s wedding plans, including her mother.

“She didn’t know…what was going on, and we were frantically calling [Heidi],” she said. “Everybody’s pretty upset.”

Holly added that Heidi never mentioned the idea of eloping: “She’s very religious. She always wanted to have a big wedding in a church.”

Holly lived with Heidi and Spencer on MTV’s show The Hills when she first moves to LA. On the show Holly and Spencer aren’t the best of friends.

Regardless, Holly said she wouldn’t have interfered with the wedding if she did know in advance.

“She’s a big girl and whatever makes her happy, I fully support.”

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