Linda Hogan's Boyfriend Denied Restraining Order

(Photo: Splash News Online)

A Florida judge has body slammed an attempt for a temporary restraining by order against Hulk Hogan – filed by Linda Hogan’s teen boyfriend!

The judge dismissed the request by19-year-old pool boy Charlie Hill, who alleged that the 55-year old Hulkster “dangerously followed” him in his car a few weeks earlier and “pulled up next to him and stared at him.”

Oooh, scary!

Charlie says he “fears [Hogan] will attempt to injure or kill him” because he’s dating Hogan’s ex-wife, according to TMZ, which first reported the story.

“This is just another blatant attempt by Linda Hogan to try to defame Hulk Hogan’s character,” Hulk’s attorney David Houston told press.

“We commend the judge on seeing through this ridiculous stunt and denying these baseless claims.”

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