Kirsten Dunst Working On Voting Documentary


Kirsten Dunst, the star of the three Spider-Man movies, is collaborating with filmmaker Jacob Soboroff on a documentary that examines American voting practices.

The film will focus on North Dakota, the only state without voter registration, and will explore the reasons for America’s poor turnout, in comparison with other countries.

“What we’re looking to do is give a nonpartisan look around the United States, and around the world, at how people are affected by voting systems, and what that means to the voters,” Soboroff says.

Soboroff is the executive director of Why Tuesday, a non-partisan group which works to increase voter participation. He met Dunst during a taping of a National Public Radio commentary, after which she took an interest in the organization’s ambitions.

“The older you get, it makes you feel more and more responsible for the power you have,” Dunst says, “especially being in the entertainment industry … and how delicate and important it is to use that power to influence people in a positive way.”

What Dunst is basically saying is that ‘with great power, comes great responsibility,’ right?

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