Good Grief! Charlie Brown Is Back

“The longest story ever told by one human being” just got a little longer.

Almost 9 years after the final Peanuts comic strip was published by the late great Charles Schulz, 20 new webisodes are being unveiled online this Monday.

“Charlie Brown and the gang have been reanimated,” reveals a source close to the Warner Bros. project. “The new [episodes] deal directly with classic Peanuts themes.”

We even hear the Great Pumpkin makes a comeback!

While the characters have all new voices, “Our interest was in keeping the integrity of the Peanuts strip,” said Jeannie Schulz, widow of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz. “The voices are still cute and charming.”

For a short time, users will be able to download 2 free episodes on Apple’s iTunes.

Or snag the entire collection for just $7.99.

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