Boy Oh Boy George

(Photo: Splash News Online)

How much more embarrassing can it get?

On trial in London for false imprisonment, former Culture Club singer Boy George had to explain how and why he’d handcuffed a male companion to the wall.

The singer had contacted the 29-year-old Audun Carlsen online and agreed to meet for a pornographic photo shoot. Once together, things went smoothly until George thought the gent was trying to get into his computer. But they straightened things out and George paid Carlsen 300 of the 400 pounds they had settled on.

They met a second time, at which point Carlsen claims George cuffed him to a wall and beat him with the help of another man — ostensibly over another computer hacking incident.

“George was slapping me and beating me and punching me and screaming things,” said Carlsen, who was able to get away after unscrewing a hook from the wall. He showed the court photos of the injuries he’d sustained, which included injuries to his arm and welts on his head.

Naturally George denies the accusations.

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