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Zach Braff, Toxic Bachelor


Was Zach Braff disappointed that he didn’t make our Toxic Bachelors list? The Scrubs star has recently been making a strong run at the Most Toxic title, all but single-handedly ensuring that no woman under 35 can go for a drink in Manhattan without having her physique sized up, commented on, and, occasionally, groped by a real live sitcom actor.

Since his breakup with Mandy Moore a year ago, Braff has been trading on the sensitive-guy image he created with his tweemo touchstone Garden State to get women. (Was that the point of making it? One friend of Braff’s from before the film remembers the actor drawing up a list of all the actresses he intended to bed once the movie came out.)

Having perhaps overextended his welcome among Hollywood’s hotties, Braff has relocated to New York CIty for the summer, securing an apartment near NYU and becoming such a constant fixture on the nightlife scene that Gawker recently banned readers from sending in their sightings of him.

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