Yummo! Terrorist Chic Is Over!


Rachael Ray‘s fashion sense can best be described as Mom Jeans meets bottom-of-th-barrel TJ Maxx. So when she showed up in a Dunkin’ Donuts ad sporting a black and white keffiyeh, it was perhaps understandable that there’d be some sort of confusion. Had America’s favorite midget chef suddenly ditched the mall and headed to Urban Outfitters in the throes of some kind of hipster fit? Michelle Malkin fumed, and not because she thought it looked retarded. The scarf, said Malkin, “has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad,” instead of, you know, Yummo! donuts and overly sweetened iced lattes.

Earlier this week, the coffee chain took the ad in question out of circulation, claiming it never intended any jihadist “symbolism.” But while conspiracy theorists remain skeptical (Would you like an explosive belt with that Coolata?), there’s buzz from some corners that suggests Dunkin’ Donuts’ actions were ill-advised.

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