Old People Sing!

[Actual phone conversation I just had.]
PUBLICIST: Hi, Alex! I wanted to talk to you about something! Have you heard of YOUNG@HEART, the New England senior citizens chorus that sings rock tunes?
ME: Oh my God, you must have the worst job in the world.

Okay, yes, I feel bad about saying that. So anyway, have you heard? Currently featured in the Award-winning documentary by Fox Searchlight Pictures, the inspiring individuals of the YOUNG@HEART CHORUS have proved it is possible to grow old without growing boring. Performing Sonic Youth’s dissonant rock anthem “Schizophrenia” and giving new meaning to James Brown’s “I Feel Good,” the Massachusetts-based group is made up of two dozen spirited seniors who specialize in reinterpreting rock, punk and R&B classics from a unique perspective. They’re going to be at New York’s Beacon Theatre on Sunday, June 22, so if you like rock and you like old people and you’re going to be in town, you’ll probably want to stop by. I guess.

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