Young Beckhams Take After Dad

LI’L BECKS in Ralph Lauren

While Lily Allen and most of the Western world (with the possible exception of Katie Holmes and Harper’s Bazaar) agree that Posh Spice is a head-to-toe style disaster, David Beckham usually fares better in the press. And it looks like David’s boys are following in his dandy footsteps.

Last week the fellows stepped out in $500 Ralph Lauren “Wimbledon” jackets to celebrate the christening of Geri Halliwell‘s daughter, Bluebell. Adorable, no? Trouble is, Posh and Becks were livid to find that a hapless flack at Ralph Lauren sent out a release and pictures boasting about the kids wearing their duds, without first checking with the family.

And, really, what were the publicists thinking? Considering the negative impact the chavvy Beckhams’ adoption of Burberry had on the brand, you’d think Ralph Lauren would have known better. It’s only a few years before we start seeing Brooklyn Beckham careening around Hollywood with Suri Cruise in his ‘n’ hers “I put the sexy in dislexia” tees.

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