Writers Strike: Sad Sacks’ Last Hope

  • Where some see a looming crisis in the ongoing writers’ strike, others find opportunity: “The writers strike could be Steppin’ Out publisher Chaunce Hayden‘s meal ticket to Hollywood. L.A. production company MC Filmworks recently sent a crew to the New Jersey-based weekly’s offices to shoot material for a proposed reality show called Jersey Rag, focusing on the rag-tag magazine’s blundering staff of misfits. It focuses on the struggle to make deadline amid an unending onslaught of bickering celebrities, disgruntled columnists and Hayden’s severe panic attack disorder.” Well, sure! Two questions: Has anyone ever actually seen a copy of Steppin’ Out? And does Chaunce Hayden actually exist outside of the pages of Page Six? We’re genuinely curious. [NYP]

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