More Testosterone Than Law Allows

Pop culture: All by itself, the above video may be reason enough to keep Gloria Steinem‘s GreenStone Media up and running.

Bun in the pen: Preggers doesn’t equal probation for Foxy Brown, after a judge has her hauled back jail to await her September 7 hearing.

Isn’t it ironic?: “Exhausted” singer Amy Winehouse receives 4 Mobo Award nominations, including a best song nod for “Rehab.”

Second chance: NAACP official urges the NFL not to dump Michael Vick.

Word, eh?: Oprah, Condi, and Colin Powell, among other A-listers, are subpoenaed in a case alleging racial-profiling of rappers at the Canadian border.

Par .08: Bill Murray joins the ranks of LiLo and Paris—sorta—after being pulled over for being drunk behind the wheel of a golf cart in downtown Stockholm, Sweden.

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