Womb Transplants: The New Third World Adoptions?

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Highly conceptual: AP reports that a New York hospital will soon offer temporary uterus transplants, enabling women to give birth with the help of a deceased donor’s womb. “I believe it’s technically possible to do,” said the awesomely named lead physician Dr. Giuseppe Del Priore. The procedure could cost more than $500,000, limiting its availability to Hollywood actresses alleged to have “dried up twigs” inside of them.

No show is an island: The producers of Lost are already talking about how the series might end. We’re guessing it’s gonna be cancellation.

Thanks a million—seriously: Friends of disgraced Plame name leaker I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby including Mary Matalin, Steve Forbes, Jack Kemp, and Dick Carlson, father of Tucker Carlson have helped him raise more than $3 million to cover his legal fees.

Hey, mom! Look at me with Tom Hanks! The New York Times‘s “Carpetbagger” blogger, David Carr, goes behind the scenes of Hollywood’s fakest awards show, the Golden Globes, and talks with Ken Davitian, the fat naked guy from Borat, who claims Sacha Baron Cohen had “a very good mohel.”

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