Without Hubby or Handlers, Holmes Is Still A Dud


In the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Sarah Bailey sits down with Katie Holmes for the first exclusive with Mrs. Cruise since her Italian wedding. The piece is headlined, “What Katie Did Next.” (The answer: “We’ll all have to wait and see.”) But for those who think Tom is to blame for the docile, blurb-spurting wife-bot she comes across as, we put forward another theory: She’s just a terrible, terrible interview.

This time, Holmes left her Scientology minder, Jessica Rodriguez, behind, freeing her to offer such un-edited gems as, “I feel very lucky.” Though Holmes seems to have polished some rough edges since Rob Haskell beat her up in W (no squeals of “He’s my man! He’s my man!” this time around), don’t expect huge insights into her character. A sampling: “Being a mother and having a child really brings into sharp focus the value of life and the importance of creating a safe world.”

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