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Winehouse Skips Another Beat


Amy Winehouse won’t go to rehab. No, no, no. That is, unless the cops are after her.

The infamously strung out songstress was scheduled to appear at a London police station this week for questioning regarding her September 25th attack on a female dancer at a the End of the Summer Ball—a charity event.

Surprise! Winehouse did not comply. In a last-ditch effort to remain among the living, Winehouse left for rehab (part 5) Saturday night. Her daddy, Mitch, revealed that Winehouse is suffering from a “chest infection.”

A source attending the September event said “Sherene [the victim] asked Amy if she could take a photo. Amy was OK at first, but when Sherene asked if a friend could get in the shot, Amy lashed out.”

Police agreed to reschedule Winehouse’s appointment with the understanding that a warrant for her arrest will be issued if she pulls another no-show.