Bro: Winehouse Winning War With Demons

WAGONEER Amy (Photo: Getty Images)

In a letter to the London Times, Amy Winehouse‘s brother Alex says her performance on Sunday was like “the triumphant end of a biopic film,” and that the singer doesn’t miss crack, according to his conversations with her that night. She is, however, back on the party circuit.

Winehouse hit the town last night during London Fashion Week with Blake Wood, a long-haired, clean-living vegetarian introduced by eternal plus-one Kelly Osbourne. But though she was no doubt in close proximity to champagne and a treasure trove of illegal substances during the night’s festivities, even the Daily Mail was optimistic that she’s on the road to recovery, saying that not only did the Grammy winner look sober, “In recent days, [she’s] looked noticeably healthier, appearing groomed, with glowing skin and having appeared to have gained some weight.”

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