William Clegg Memoir Going On Market Today!

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So, once upon a time—in 2005—a very well-regarded literary agent in New York City went missing! He represented the likes of Mrs. Jonathan Safran Foer. His name was William Clegg, and it was an event of much gossip and scandal. By late 2006, he was back: “Mr. Clegg has resurfaced, dusted himself off and found a job as a literary agent at William Morris,” reported Sheelah Kolhatkar in the Observer. So remarkable! But what happened? Gawker suggested that he had become knowledgeable in the field of addiction memoirs. (How Victorian of Gawker!) Heh. Well, now we’re FINALLY going to find out! We hear that Jennifer Rudolph Walsh—of William Morris, natch—is going out today with a memoir by Clegg! This is great, because we hate to not know things. And besides, everyone should publish a memoir at least once. Question! Will FSG buy it in a preempt, given Clegg’s close ties to FSG editor Jon Galassi? Question! Will the title be something cute and punny—The Talented Mr. Clegg?

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