Will The Wall Street Bushes Suffer?

  • Will George Herbert Walker IV be laid off? The President’s second cousin is the global head of investment management for now-bankrupt Lehman Brothers, at the managing director level. He was born in 1969, and started at Goldman Sachs in 1992—and just came to Lehman two years ago. (And how many other managing directors does Lehman have under 40 years old? Hmm, looks like a few actually!) Bush recently “paid $13.95 million for a townhouse at 6 East 10th Street in Greenwich Village, even though his sellers had only paid $7.5 million two years earlier.” Well, he’ll be fine—though we’d love to hear if he’s staying on board. Of course, finance runs in the family! George Herbert Walker I, who died in 1953, founded G. H. Walker & Co., which is now a subsidiary of… Merrill Lynch.

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