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Will Smith Does Not Love Hitler

FUHRIOUS Smith (Photo: Getty Images)

Oh, heil no!: What if Will Smith said that he believed everyone was basically good, even Hitler? Well, he didn’t, and he’s pissed you think so. That’s just what one publication is just, like, saying he said. NOW BOW TO DER FRESH PRINCE!

Breast year ever: Time mag runs down the top 10 verbal blunders on the campaign trail. (Hint: No. 1 is a quote hinting at 9/11 fallout illness by Rudy Giuliani, who’s now fending off cancer rumors.)

That’s not grrreat!: Investigators still have no idea how Tatiana, a 300-pound Siberian tiger, escaped her enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo—with its 20-foot walls and mote—to kill one man and injure two others on Christmas Day.

Five-finger discount: Posh Spice‘s designer duds plundered from her dressing room in Germany during a Spice Girls reunion gig. The other has-beens clothes were left untouched. Mrs. Beckham said to be very upset, as “fashion means everything to her.”

Ménage à trois: MTV engineers a special surprise for Hills girl Lauren Conrad, arranging for LC and her high school nemesis (and former Brody Jenner flame) Kristin Cavallari to be at the same New Year’s Eve bash in Miami.

On holiday: Simon Cowell‘s Caribbean Christmas and a dozen or so other hot spots where the U.K.’s favorite famous flee for the holidays.