Will Karl Rove Save Fred Thompson?

MORE BRAINS! Rove, Thompson (inset)(Photo: Getty Images)

With Karl Rove out of the West Wing, Fred Thompson, whose Law & Order novelty has been wearing thin among conservatives, must be salivating.

Rove says his departure is about spending more time with his family, but it neatly coincides with Thompson’s expected announcement about his White House plans. Chatter about Rove potentially masterminding Thompson’s 2008 campaign is only getting louder as more and more Bush loyalists sign on to Thompson’s campaign.

Asked about the prospect of a Rove-run campaign, former Rove spokesman and current Thompson spokesman (ahem) Mark Corallo tells Radar, “I really don’t think Karl Rove is going to have anything to do with any campaign in 2008… I talked to him today, and we shared some e-mails and I told him, ‘Enjoy your time with your family and take care of [your wife] Darby.'”

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