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HuffPo Blogger Way Too Invested In Will Ferrell’s Career


Over at HuffPo, blogger Jack Donaldson (Middlebury ’06) is suffering from heartbreak and disillusionment. Who is responsible for this young man’s tragic malaise? Step forward Will Ferrell. Jack caught Semi-Pro last week, and let’s just say that he was at the very least disappointed. How badly did the film shatter Jack’s soul?

[I]t was offensive to see a star such as Ferrell, insulated from the world around him, seem to sincerely believe that people would want to see him re-treading a character and idea he had 10 years ago. To see Semi-Pro is to see one of America’s leading comedic stars making total suckers out of all who had faith in him. The film represents a complete tailspin in Will Ferrell’s career. We are currently witnessing a star slide into complete irrelevance and self-parody.

Donaldson speaks, obviously, as one who previously revered Ferrell’s oeuvre. He recalls the classic moments with the poignance of a spurned lover who weeps for what once was but might not be again:

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