The Man-Boys Are Back in Town

ELDERSTATES-DUDES Ferrell, Reilly (Photo: Getty Images)

“Dude, Will Ferrell is, like, right there, man!” one frat-tastic guy yelled to his friend as the two exited the AMC Loews theater in Manhattan last night. The comedian had just arrived, along with friend/co-star John C. Reilly, to introduce their new movie Step Brothers at a special screening sponsored by Maxim magazine. And as might be expected, the funnymen had no trouble hamming it up for the hordes of panting 20-something guys in attendance.

“I’d like to thank Papa John’s, and Hanes underwear for men, who helped bring this entire thing together,” Reilly deadpanned from the front of the theater. “Also, the country of Ireland underwrote some of the film,” Ferrell added, sporting a Ireland rugby jersey. Attendant bros, needless to say, were giddy.

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