Will Cindy Adams Go to Jail for Source?

IN THE DOGHOUSE Adams(Photo: Getty Images)

Who will watch Cindy Adams‘s adorable Yorkies if she goes to the hoosegow to protect her source in the D.C. Madam case?

Tuesday in D.C. District Court, “D.C. Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey filed a motion to subpoena the New York Post‘s elder stateswoman of gossip, who, as Radar reported in late August, received and published information about the case via her column that was not publicly available and was under court seal.

Adams wrote that Palfrey plans to dump her criminal lawyer, former Monica Lewinsky attorney Preston Burton, and hire another to challenge prostitution laws themselves. Only Palfrey, her lawyer, and the prosecution could have known Palfrey planned the move, and this time, the alleged madam says she didn’t blab, especially not to the likes of Cindy. Her new motion claims that leakers within the federal government, which is prosecuting the case against Palfrey, are trying to use the “media outlets to disseminate or spin misleading information about Jeane.”

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