Why Were There So Many Models at the Google Party?

CHICK MAGNET? Google phone

Thursday night, T-Mobile and Google threw a launch party for the hotly anticipated “Android,” the most revolutionary telecommunicative device since, uh, the second-generation iPhone. You can read all about the phone itself here (our verdict, after 10 minutes of messing around with the thing: kind of uninspiring! Not as pretty or elegant as the iPhone, kind of clumsy to type on. Bring on the BlackBerry storm!) But oh, the party! T-Mobile and Google really splurged, hosting a performance by Jack White‘s The Raconteurs and then a set by Jay-Z and Oprah favorite DJ Cassidy.

And then there were the models. Seriously, at one point, it seemed like every other female in the room—a large, loft-like space in Manhattan’s West Village—was some long-limbed, non-English speaking beauty. At a tech party, no less! What gives? Weird coincidence, or are nerds suddenly cool again?

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