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White Woman Found

PEOPLE DISAPPEAR EVERY DAY Brooklyn’s Most Sought (Photo: NYPD)

End of the day? Not so fast! What about this other stuff?

• Hey they found that missing white woman y’all were freaking out about. She’s been running around town, doing stuff, and she jumped off a pier in Staten Island today. Now all you bloggy Nancy Drews can get started on the NYPD’s Missing Persons list for Brooklyn.
• Ben Kunkel remembers David Foster Wallace; also many people at McSweeney’s do as well.
• Tribune employee-owners file a class-action suit against owner Sam Zell for destroying the value of “their” company. Noted: They did not hate Zell until they knew him.
Margaret Cho thinks Sarah Palin is the worst thing to happen since 9/11.
• New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg says a fourth term in office sounds “much too long.” Yes, that is not the way to sweet-talk your way into term limits repeal for a third term!
• Actually, I found this slide-show of “Broken-Hearted Babes of Wall Street,” starring (mostly) women removing their belongings from Lehman Brothers, in poor taste! And, I mean, I have some low standards, particularly as I almost made fun of Dave Eggers‘ praising David Foster Wallace’s perfect grammar at the McSweeney’s link above, only restraining myself at the last moment!

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